Reflection of our progress

Our project was about the dangers of sexual harassment and our overall goal was to inform people about sexual harassment and why it is a problem. In order for this to happen, we posted on our blog on wordpress, made a petition, and made various posts in social media. Our project was not extremely successful. 

One of the reasons we didn’t do too well on our project was because we didn’t always post weekly on our blog and we didn’t make too many good quality posts. As a result, we didn’t get too many views and visitors. The highest number of views we had 10 views and although we did have many visitors, they never stayed due to the inconsistent blog posts. If we could change anything, we would post better blog posts. We also didn’t have too many views and visitors on our blog because we didn’t promote it on social media, where most people “live.” Although, we did occasionally did write about blog, we never described the type of work we actually did in our project. As a result, people did not know what our blog was about and they never got to visit it. 

The second reason our blog post wasn’t very successful was because we didn’t get too many people to sign our petition. Once again, when we advertised our petition on our blog, we never explained all the things that would happen if we reached more than 50 signatures, which never really interested people to sign. Similar to the reason we didn’t get too many visitors and views, we always promoted our petition on social media, such as instagram and snapchat. However, once again, we never explained anything other than the fact that our petition was about sexual harassment. And obviously we never described what the outcomes of signing our petition would be. Another reason it wasn’t very successful was because many people does not use wordpress since it’s not very popular.

In conclusion, we didn’t get too many visitors and views. This is because we didn’t make good quality posts, we didn’t promote our blog and petition correctly on social media, and because not many people use wordpress so we didn’t get many visitors. There are many improvements we could have made if we decided to do this project again.  For example, if we actually explained our topic more than once, more people would be more interested. Another improvement we could have made is making better social media posts by explaining the post instead of just telling them to “follow our blog” or “sign our petition.” However, I had a very positive experience when doing this project and I am happy that I got to learn so much from it. Hopefully, someone else does a better job with a sexual harassment project.

However, we do owe this experience to all our visitors. This is probably the last time we will post on this blog…so thank you and good bye! Stay safe everyone and thank youuu!

Last posts

Now that the school year is almost over, and this project has ended, we will stop making blog posts. I hope you all learned something from our blog posts and will realize how large of a problem sexual harassment is in society. I hope we played a role in your lives so we can call for stricter laws and sentences and so others will realize it is not acceptable to sexually harass anyone.

Cuomo, NYPD back subway ban on repeat sexual offenders

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYPD officials said on Tuesday they support banning repeat sexual offenders from the subway system.

Cuomo, speaking at an unrelated news conference in Albany, said anyone with two or more subway-related sexual assault convictions should be banned from the system.

“I understand civil rights and civil liberties and access to transportation, but … if you are convicted of two sexual offenses on the subway system where groping, touching, grinding is a major problem and recidivism is a major problem, I fully support saying after the second conviction you’re banned from going back to the subway,” Cuomo said. “But look, the precedent is set: We have sexual predators who get locked up and get released and then you say, common sense, we don’t want them locating near a school, near areas where they have in the past targeted victims. You have people who target victims in the subways. And that’s where they go. Many people, crowded areas, certain techniques — and that’s where they go.”

Earlier in the day, Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said it was important to “not forget about the victims” and that people shouldn’t have to worry about repeat offenders.

“To me it defies logic how somebody that has been arrested over and over and has shown what they intend to do, and to let them out and do the exact same thing on this subway system,” Shea said. “Women should not be subjected on the train … These are heinous, despicable acts and we can, and I think we should, do better for victims.”

Last year, there were 866 complainants of a sex crime in the subway system, according to the NYPD’s statistics, and 373 arrests. It wasn’t immediately clear how many of those arrests were repeat offenders.


It’s great that NYPD officials want to ban sexual offenders— hopefully this is a start to lessen sexual harassment in subways.

-karlotte @yinyuu

A Sexual Assault Survivor At Princeton Tried To Protest. Instead, She Was Fined $2,700.

Princeton University recently ordered a sexual assault survivor to pay nearly $3,000 in restitution to the university after she wrote “Princeton Protects Rapists” around campus. 

The undergraduate, whom HuffPost is not identifying because she is a victim of sexual assault, said she was raped by a fellow classmate in 2016 during her freshman year on campus. She reported the incident to the school’s Title IX office last year and began the arduous task of seeking justice. Princeton, however, concluded in December that the accused student did not violate the school’s sexual misconduct policy. The young woman lost her appeal of that verdict a month later.

“It devastated her, it destroyed her, it changed her,” William Keiser, a Princeton student and friend of the survivor, told HuffPost.

It was at that point that the young woman decided to take matters into her own hands. Armed with a Sharpie marker, she wrote the phrase “Princeton Protects Rapists” and “Title IX Protects Rapists” on several different walkways around campus. The lettering was around the size of a standard sheet of printer paper.

The university ordered the student to perform 50 hours of community service and pay the school $2,722.58 for the cost of cleaning up her graffiti and replacing parts of the walkway, telling her to make the check out to “Trustees of Princeton University.” Princeton also put her on four years of disciplinary probation even though she is on track to graduate before then. 


Sexual assault is no joke and should never be pushed aside, even though the student “vandalized” the school grounds. Instead of fining the student for standing up to her rights, the school should have considered the effects of fining a sexual assault survivor nearly $3000. 

-karlotte @yinyuu

Stats (Positive results!)

So let’s talk about our stats this week. As you can see, the number of visitors that we had this week increased from last week. Now this is probably because we have been making more posts. Thank you to everyone who decides to follow our blog.

Remember our main goal is to stop sexual harassment in society. My topic (we each had to do a specific topic on sexual harassment) was sexual harassment in schools. So if you want to follow our posts on youthvoices you can check them out as well!

Learn more about sexual harassment in schools here:

And obviously keep following our blog posts. My group has recently been posting about sexual harassment for flight attendents, sexual harassment in hospitals (which is ironic because hospitals are supposed to be safe), sexual harassment in STEM, etc. If you are a student, you will find interest in our blog because we talk a lot about sexually harassed students.

Thank you to all our visitors once again! Have a safe day 🙂


Sexual Harassment in Schools

Hello everyone! I have posted a link above that will take you to youthvoices. The post that I made there was about sexual harassment in schools and if you want to learn more about sexual harassment in schools, you should check it out.

Thank you and have a safe day 🙂

Sexual harassment for flight attendants

Yet another job in which women are being constantly harassed. Unsurprisingly, 45% of harassment was by superiors on board. Airlines must realize they partly responsible for this, as they should have more rules in place and consequences to discourage people from harassing flight attendants.

“As a specialist union of cabin crew in Germany, we will take the results of the survey as an opportunity to provide extensive information about help offers in the near future. In addition, we assist the affected colleagues in an acute case, “explains Christoph Drescher, UFO’s board member for employment and politics.

At least the Independent Flight Attendant Organization is promising to help people that are sexually harassed and will use the results to actually change something.

Sexual Harassment in Hospitals

We’ve already established that sexual harassment happens anywhere, and it was revealed that it is also extremely prevalent in hospitals, where a new study showed that 58% of female surgeons have been sexually harassed at their job.

Among the surgeons who said they had experienced sexual harassment, only 16 percent reported it. Reasons for not reporting the harassment or assault included fear of negative consequences for their career, embarrassment, fear of retaliation and fear of inaction. 
For those that did report the harassment, 53 percent said no action was taken by the institution they reported it to.

People don’t take sexual harassment seriously enough, and for surgeons that are trying to save people’s lives, shouldn’t be scared about going to work. The surgeon who had the idea to create this study, Kristalyn Gallagher, was able to spread awareness about this issue and her study won the Association for Academic Surgery’s award for Best Overall Abstract. This way, more action could be taken to prevent this.

Sexual Harassment Petition!

Hello again everyone. Like last time, our petition still has 13 people who have signed so far. Remember that sexual harassment is an extremely big problem that needs to be solved. Whether you are a man or woman, if you are helping to support sexual harassment, not only are you supporting yourself but you also supporting all victims of sexual harassment.

If you haven’t already remember to sign our petition:

Thank youuuuuuu and have a safe day!

sexual harassment in STEM

“U.S. Senators Kamala D. Harris (D-CA), Jacky Rosen (D-NV), and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) on Thursday announced the Combating Sexual Harassment in Science Act of 2019, legislation to provide for research to better understand the causes and consequences of sexual harassment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, examine policies to reduce harassment, and encourage interagency efforts in these matters.”

It’s amazing how people are finally realizing that teaching about the consequences and pains of sexual harassment should be taught to others. This will educate children to never do it, and hopefully, sexual harassment will end.